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"Too long battlelogs. A button to return on top or the continue button at the end of page, i think are needed."
2,169 days ago
"I apologise if this is in the wrong section. This is just in case you're looking for a list of general things people might feel need improvement. First of all the chests do take far too many clicks to open. Once on the chests page with the 'open' buttons there is no need for an extra page after that. The open button should take you straight to a confirmation of you having redeemed the contents,.."
2,169 days ago
"I enjoy the game FATE as I can alter the appearance of my character, both at the onset, and as I acquire new weapons and armour. I am wondering if a similiar thing could be possible with one's avatar?"
2,184 days ago
"adding more and more horizontal information elemets makes the list contents (battele/market/etc.) on these displays disappear. two suggestion to this: - konsolidate list search and navigation. most lists got two almost identical headlines and seperate blocks for navigation and seach wich, at least here, leave a lot of space unused. - have an option to show the chat section as a vertical split, .."
2,189 days ago
"just some rough brainstorming - get blueprints in quests or as reward - pay resources to trigger a build process - finished buildings give some kind of bonus - buildings require some kind of upkeep - on lost battles blueprints can be stolen if the attacker gear contains a spy - similar for destroying buildings... maybe something to evaluate if all other development is done ;)"
2,189 days ago
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