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"*CLANG* The sound of metal being dropped on stone reverberated through the room as a sword fell to the ground. A young man grimaced, holding his partly numb arm. "You'll have to do much better than that, boy, if you expect to gain your promotion!" "But Arrius the Stableboy sounds good!" The last comment brought a wave of laughter from the men in the room, the receiver of the taunting .."
2,108 days ago
"Arleon was thankful when the moonlight revealed an inn up ahead. The dust of the road had penetrated every pore and coated his tongue. He was deeply wearied and wanted nothing more than to break his fast, and have a flagon or two of good ale, before seeking both bath and bed. His mount seemed equally pleased to follow a young groom to the stables and some over-due oats. The inn was bustling and.."
2,169 days ago
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