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"Why can't I scout people like you? I have tried 3X to scout you but it always comes back "That I should send out better trained scouts". Is this going to be the norm?"
2,211 days ago
"I would like a sent mail category like in EW so I can review letters i have sent."
2,212 days ago
"in 3 days i have had no new quests or chests,is this going to be the norm or something that will change as the game develops"
2,212 days ago
"how often do you plan on updating rankings?"
2,212 days ago
"Of course all of the artwork will be replaced and I hope to replace all of the item names at some point, but from the game standpoint, how do you like the game concept and implementation? What about the site layout? -Zeras"
2,213 days ago
"is it right that once an item is in your kingdom page whether its active or inactive that item can not be got rid off in any way"
2,215 days ago
"So far, gaining a level is confusing, as it says you have gained a level when in reality you have gained reputation towards a new level. Maybe just edit the wording."
2,217 days ago
"test Edit: seems I can't reply to threads created by anyone including myself. The exception being the thread that was already here when the test began."
2,218 days ago
You have been disconnected from EverWars for being idle too long!