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"Since the other thread got sidetracked, I have started a thread. Please keep this thread only about your opinions of Notcraft and post any questions you have in new threads. Of course all of the artwork will be replaced and I hope to replace all of the item names at some point, but from the game standpoint, how do you like the game concept and implementation? What about the site layout? -Ze.."
1,851 days ago
[Featured][Alert]Welcome to Notcraft!
"What you see is only the beginning but I think it is a great start! Please be sure to post any questions, comments or bugs in their appropriate forums! -Zeras"
1,732 days ago
"testerson united"
1,693 days ago
"Wonder how this will work?"
1,708 days ago
"Hi, Im newbie here and don't understand that quest.. I go to my Vault and there is nothing to bind o.O how can I complete that quest? Thanks infront :*"
1,788 days ago
"is it there to stay or just a leftover from the testing phase?"
1,902 days ago
"I have an old slash attack in my vault and I can't bind it. Why not?"
1,903 days ago
"what is U/D ??"
1,904 days ago
"are there items with numbers other than 1 expected to appear? starter items have different numbers while old items have not."
1,922 days ago
"Now that all of my tutorial quests are done, has this become a "dead" slot? Or are there any non-tutorial quests going to be appearing in the near future?"
1,923 days ago
"Has anyone received any platinum? I've gotten lots of neat stuff from the "Free Loot". But no Platinum. You can't do any of the upgrades without it. So is this a bug or what?"
1,925 days ago
"Will there be a Battle Age or a timed period of battle to determine the winner? And if so how long will it last?"
1,925 days ago
"since i played quite some battles, i accumulated a coupled of soldiers. so i tried to use them. first battle: unused, i did win anyway second battle: hey! they really made a difference! but i lost one third of them... third battle: all gone! i lost. given that, at this point of time, soldiers are a relatively rare resouce and that, looking at battle logs, you'll probably need >100 of them to.."
1,953 days ago
"once there was a time where "free loot" meant a shiny new item, something to boost the whole kingdom. seeing that button was an event, posibly changing the whole strategy! now i'm sometimes not even clicking that button for a while. who needs 2 gold or 3 reputation? make it rare but please give it some meaning again..."
1,954 days ago
"i really like that new bar! - is the color change done on "full" or ">=1"? - wouldn't something similar make sense for scouts aswell? - is there any need to keep energy (and scouts) in player details now?"
1,955 days ago
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