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"I have updated the live game with the latest release of Notcraft along with the restructuring of the item database. The conversion seems to have worked well as far as I can tell. Most of the restructuring was to prepare for support of other genres as well as add two more types of attacks to the Medieval Fantasy genre which are Fire Magic and Ice Magic. As a reminder, the item names you see now .."
2,215 days ago
"In order to support more genres and to add more diversity to the existing items, I am making several changes to the item database. These include changes to some of the item stats and the stat structure of some items. I also plan to add a few more items and I am planning to change the item numbers of most of the items. Given how well the public testing has gone so far, I am hoping (no promises.."
2,217 days ago
"I am very pleased to announce that the public test phase of Notcraft has now started! Since we are not encouraging users to recruit yet in case we have to wipe the databases, the number of players may be limited. However, once we eliminate the bugs and any confusing areas and we verify everything is working correctly, things should hopefully start to pick up rather quickly. You should play .."
2,220 days ago
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