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Arrius' Journey

The sound of metal being dropped on stone reverberated through the room as a sword fell to the ground. A young man grimaced, holding his partly numb arm.

"You'll have to do much better than that, boy, if you expect to gain your promotion!"

"But Arrius the Stableboy sounds good!"

The last comment brought a wave of laughter from the men in the room, the receiver of the taunting blinking back the sting of tears in his eyes.

"Let me try again, Weaponmaster! I know I can do it this time!"

Weaponmaster Durenn laughed, bending down to pick up the fallen sword and strode over to Arrius. "Enough for today, boy. For now, go see the healer about that arm. Will do you nor His Grace any good if you cannot do your work."

Arrius hung his head, jaw clenched. This was another attempt to prove himself that failed. Witht he ringing laughter in his ears following him from the room, he headed through the castle of his benefactor towards the healer's quarters. Knocking on the closed door, he waited to be allowed entrance.
The wooden door creaked open slowly, revealing the lined face of Adrel, the Midwife. "Ah, Arrius .... come in come in." She opened the door wider, and Arrius stepped in, still cradling his numb arm. He was led to a stool sitting next to an open window, a fresh breeze spilling in.

"What brought you here hm? Hurt your arm?"

Arrius nodded. "Sparring with the Weaponmaster again. That backswing of his jarred right up my arm. It hurts and is numb." The boy choked back tears of anger and pain. Adrel clicked her tongue, gently feeling his arm.

"Hm, nothing broken. Let me get you some herbal tea to calm your nerves, then let's wrap up that arm of yours." The midwife patted him on the knee and stepped into the next room. "You know, if you keep that up you can hurt yourself badly, Arrius. Your father would not want that."

"I know, Adrel, but I don't want to be a stableboy my entire life! I want to join His Grace's army! I want to see the world ... fight creatures ..."

Adrel chuckled "Save a pretty lady in distress?" She handed Arrius a cup of steaming tea as the boy blushed. It was true, it was a dream of his to be sure. "Ah, Arrius, there is nothing wrong with wanting to do all those things. But you need to start small, simpler." She paused, the midwife lost in thought a moment. "I think I know just the person."

"Who?" Arrius sat up, the thought of pain forgotten. If she knew of someone who could help him fulfill his dreams he wanted to know. "Adrel tell me!" The midwife smiled before answering "Drink your tea, dear. All in good time."
Arrius sighed, sipping on the tea. The combination of that and Adrel's healing abilities brought back the feeling in his arm quickly. He moved the fingers on his hand a few times. "As excellent as always, Adrel."

The woman smiled, checking the wrap around his arm before returning to her seat. "Good. Now ... about that person ..." Arrius sat forward on his stool, waiting for her to continue. "His name is Sir Geofrey Barrose. He --"

"Wait, wait, wait!! THE Sir Barrose? The Bloody Knight? Are you insane??" Arrius' voice cracked as it went up an octave. Geofrey Barrose was accused of murdering his family along with an entire town while he served under the previous ruler of their kingdom. Adrel frowned slightly at his outburst, and Arrius clamped his mouth shut. "S-s-sorry, Adrel. Please continue."

"As I was saying, Sir Geofrey Barrose is one of the best fighters of our kingdom and a good friend of mine. I would be more than happy to send him a message about training you, Arrius."

The young man chewed his lower lip. He would like the training that is for certain. He sipped on the now cold tea slowly as he mulled over the decision he had to make.
The sun set outside the window as Adrel watched Arrius closely and quietly. She could tell the young man was conflicted, but Sir Barrose was his best chance to become stronger.

"Very well. I will speak with The Bloody Kn --"

"Sir Barrose, Arrius."

"Sir Barrose, about possibly training me. Where can I find him?"

Adrel stood and walked over to a small, cluttered desk and pulled out two sheets of parchment. Picking up a quill, she leaned over the table and began to write. "I will send him a note to let him know you are coming, as well as a matching one you are to carry. Do not lose it, Arrius."

The young man nodded as he was handed a folded letter, which he put in his tunic pocket. Adrel then moved to the window where she plucked a pidgeon from a small cage she kept there and placed the other, smaller note, into a pewter vial attached to the bird's leg. THe pidgeon cooed before taking off into the sky.

"Now, Arrius, it will take a day or so before Sir Barrose gets the letter I sent. Why don't you go back to your room and rest. I will get you when it is time."

Arrius nodded, handing Adrel the now empty teacup and left the room, heading now the hallway. A chill was in the air and he hurried his steps to get back to his small bed and fire. He was tired, and knew some sleep would do him good.
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