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How do you like Notcraft so far?
Since the other thread got sidetracked, I have started a thread. Please keep this thread only about your opinions of Notcraft and post any questions you have in new threads.

Of course all of the artwork will be replaced and I hope to replace all of the item names at some point, but from the game standpoint, how do you like the game concept and implementation? What about the site layout?

MMM. I am generally enjoying it but there are a couple of things I am not clear on. Why could I only quest the first day? How many warriors, changes of armour, weapons and debuffs should one have? Do you need one of each thing for each warrior? I mean, if I have three warriors then do I need three of everything else? If one warrior gets killed then can the next warrior use all the stuff that belonged to the slain hero? How do I get something other than a starter debuff? I am not a heavy gamer, being more into writing in RPGs so I may seem a little slow on the uptake; it is probably a bit of a "Duh" series of queries to the more diverse gamers.
enjoying so far but now all the quests are gone its going like everwars,just a clicking exercise,tell us what is coming in the next few days with quests,chests and guilds ect, dangle us a carrot,when are you going to tell us about what the different hero`s use or do we just guess from our ew`s exp.at the moment it looks like if i am online for 20hrs aday and have the attention span i can just click my way to no1 as i have just done,that reads real negative,sorry its not ment to,the extra things are a + to ew`s but not by a huge amount so far
I have to say that for me, the biggest appeals when I first starting playing Everwars were the chats. Then the chat windows became harder to use and everyone stopped chatting. And there used to be lots of story threads with some very good writers (I am a published writer) and then people stopped writing too. To just click, click, click is kind of mind-numbing. I briefly played a game where I could actually dress my avatar and change the background behind the avatar. I thought that was very cool. I am very visual.
Of course, you would have to purchase the backgrounds and separate items of clothing. It might also be a good idea to be able to change skin colour, hair colour, eye colour. Just a thought.
I think that is the time for some big changes.
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