EverWars Game Updates / February 2, 2012 - Game Update: Officially Launch 
February 2, 2012 - Game Update: Officially Launch
I am pleased to announce that Notcraft has official launched!!

The following updates are now live:

  • As mentioned during both the signup process and throughout the testing phase, most of the player data has been reset.

  • As thank you to the great group of testers, I decided not to reset the gold everyone earned during testing. I am considering other thank you rewards as well that will be based on the level of participation by each tester prior to the launch.

  • The item database has been completely rebuilt. Items have been added and removed and the stats on every item has changed from the test phase.

  • New, though still temporary, artwork has been added to all item card images in the game. I plan to replace all of the artwork in the near future.

  • The Action item system has been converted to an expendable resource system. As such, action items no longer take up Kingdom slots.

  • Action item resources are more common now and will accrue as expendable resources that can be used when battling other players.

  • When you battle, you will have the option to choose up to two action resources to use in the battle. Once used, they will be deducted from your action item resource pool.

  • All specific action items have been replaced with general actions. Instead of killing a specific type of hero, it will instead remove a random hero of any type.

  • All quests have been reset for players and the tutorial quests are now completed in sequence rather than all at the same time.

  • Genres have been renamed to Factions. While there is currently only one faction option available, I plan to add at least two more within the next 30 days.

  • Reputation you gain while aligned with a faction now counts as faction points toward that faction. You will notice that there is a faction progression bar in the side panel. The bar shows how loyal and proven you are to your faction. At this moment, there are no benefits to your faction standing, but I have several planned in the near future.

  • In the future, once more faction options are added, if you change faction, your reputation will be reset to 0.

  • The Upgrade Shop has been rewritten. All upgrades that previously had time period options have been replaced with a standard 30 day time period. I plan to add more options to the Upgrade Shop in the near future.

  • In a couple of days once this game update has been stabilised, the Platinum Shop will launch. You will be able to purchase Platinum Packs from the shop that you can use in the Upgrade Shop. In addition, you can resell Platinum Packs in the player market as long as they do not bind/claim them to your account.

  • The skill trees in the Skill Trainer have been completely restructured and the top level "Kingdom" skill has been removed so you no longer have to waste skill points in it.

  • With the removal of action items from the Kingdom page, the number of slots for kingdoms has been moved back to 12 as it was originally.

  • If you have any open quests, your Notcraft home page will now be your Quest Journal rather than your profile page. You can still access your profile page by clicking on your avatar throughout the game or by searching for your name on the Member Search page.

  • A new rarity type of Uncommon has been added to the game to make the transition a little smoother from Common to Rare items.

    There may be a few more update notes that will be added to this or a future game update thread.

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