EverWars Game Updates / January 31, 2012 - Game Update 
January 31, 2012 - Game Update
The next game update for Notcraft should go live tomorrow. I am through with all of the changes, tweaks and bug fixes and all that I have remaining is testing everything.

As I mentioned previously, this update will hopefully serve as the official launch for the game, but I will not know this for sure until it has been on live for a short period of time and tested by several players.

As I also mentioned, there is no way to avoid a partial data wipe with this update. All items, currency, reputation and battle data will have to be removed as I have made considerable changes to the databases to the point there is no way for me to create a conversion from the test database to the new database. A lot of items have been removed or now work in a completely different system and all items have had their stats modified to fit a new structure.

I will perform one last backup prior to the game update though which will allow me to reward all of the players who have helped test the game during the alpha testing phase. The rewards given out will be based on participation levels, not just signing up so those of you who really spent a lot of time and effort in helping with testing will be rewarded more for your efforts.

I hope everyone is ready for the launch!

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