EverWars Game Updates / January 28, 2012 - Game Update 
January 28, 2012 - Game Update
As I posted earlier, I am working on the final tweaks and changes for the official launch of Notcraft. Some of these changes are quite extensive and have required a lot of work to implement, but they improve the game in several ways.

Unfortunately, these changes along with a few critical bugs that occurred during the first phase of the beta test has left me no choice but to perform a partial database wipe prior to launch. You should keep playing though because I plan to show my appreciation for the support and effort many of you have given during this testing phase and I will do so based on the level of participation you have shown since testing started.

I have had to change plans on a few of the changes after I implemented them because they did not produce the results I had hoped or I came up with a better solutions. That being said, I am almost done with the changes and new features and I do not anticipate any more issues.

While I do not want to give out details of the next update at this moment, I can tell you that the entire item database has been rebuilt with every item receiving stat adjustments. Some items have been removed while new items have been added. The next update will add the foundation for a faction system. The action item system is being completely changed to make it more useful and to add a lot more strategy to battles. A new rarity (Uncommon) is being added to help lessen the gap between Common and Rare items.

The next update will be a major update and it will also be the last big update prior to launch. It will require the partial data wipe when it goes live, but my plan is for this to be the last wipe required. If testing goes well, then the time the update goes live will serve as the official launch date.

Thank you for all of the help with testing! You guys have been great and I am looking forward to the official launch!

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