Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
Will the artwork in the game change?
Absolutely. Most of the in-game artwork you see now will be replaced including avatars, item icons, menu icons, etc.
Why do the items all have generic names?
All of the items will be renamed with more humorous names and descriptions in time. We even plan to let the players get involved with the process!
Where is the satire and humor?
It will be added over time. Rather than force a lot of bland humor on players, we decided to slowly integrate humor over time.
Will the text spoken by Agathon be updated
Absolutely. Most of the text Agathon now says was written for a different game concept. It will be updated very soon!
Will there be crafting?
Absolutely. A very in depth crafting system is planned for EverWars.
Can I disable some or all of the alerts?
You can disable several types of alerts in the Settings area. You cannot disable system or important user alerts.
What is the purpose of Attack?
Your Attack stat determines how often your hero attacks other heroes in battle. The higher your attack is, the more attacks you will achieve in battle.
Are there any stat caps in EverWars?
No. The battle system is designed to function without any caps on stats.
Can I attack any player?
You can attack any player that is not a member of your own guild. If you are level 3 or below, you can only attack heroes at or below your level.
How can I defeat my enemy in battle?
You can win a battle by either killing all of your enemy's heroes or if you inflict enough damage so that your enemy has no health remaining.
What are Chests?
Chests can contain items, gold, platinum and much more.
How do I obtain Chests?
Most items and resources you receive in game are delivered within chests to keep them safe.
How do I get the contents of a Chest?
You simply open the chest to claim the rewards within it.
What is a Chest combination?
You will not need to know the chest combination for chests that belong to you. In the future, there will additional ways to acquire chests that will not be locked to anyone and the chest combination can be used to open them.
Why is there a timer next to my Chest?
Chests cannot be safely stored indefinitely, so the expiration timer shows you how much longer each chest will remain safe and secure.
What is the purpose of Damage?
Your Damage stat determines the maximum amount of damage your hero will inflict on other heroes in battle. The higher your damage is, the more damage you will inflict in battle.
What is the purpose of Armor?
Your Armor stat determines how well protected your hero is against attacks from other heroes in battle. The higher your armor is, the more protected you are in battle.
What is gold?
Gold is the primary player-to-player currency used throughout EverWars.
How do I obtain more Gold?
You obtain more gold by winning battles, looting gold prizes and selling items back to the game and in the market.
Can I give another player Gold?
You cannot directly give another player gold but you can purchase items they are selling in the market and they can receive gold from you that way.
What is the purpose of Health?
Your Health stat represents the amount of life your hero has in battle. If you lose all of your health in battle, you will lose the battle.
What is the purpose of my inventory?
Your inventory is where all of the items that are bound to you are stored. Items in your inventory can be switched between active and inactive allowing you to customize and strategize your hero for battles with other heroes.
Why can I not put items on the market once they are in my inventory?
Items become bound to you once you place them in your inventory. Be sure to leave them in your bank until you decide you want to keep them.
How do a remove items from my inventory?
To remove an item from your inventory you need to sell it back to EverWars using the Sell Items button at the top of most pages.
How do you gain levels?
You gain levels simply by playing the game and being active in the game. The more time you spend on the site, the more levels you will gain.
What is the Market?
The Market is where players can buy and sell items with other players.
How do I buy something from the market?
Once you find the item you want and have the gold required to buy it, simply click on the Buy button and follow the instructions.
How do I sell something on the Market to other players?
Click on the My Market button at the top of the page and add prices to any items you wish to list in the market.
What is platinum?
Platinum is the rare currency in EverWars that is used primarily in the Platinum Shop.
How do I obtain platinum?
You can purchase Platinum Packs from the Platinum Shop or from other players who sell them in the Market.
What is the purpose of Power?
Your Power stat determines the minimum amount of damage your hero will inflict on other heroes in battle. The higher your power is, the more damage you will inflict in battle.
What are Quests?
Answer coming soon!
I just finished a Quest. Where do I go to claim my rewards?
Answer coming soon!
When I go to my Quests page, it says I do not have any active quests. How do I get more?
Answer coming soon!
What is the purpose of reputation?
Reputation is used to when ranking heroes in EverWars.
How do I earn reputation?
You earn reputation for accomplishing various tasks throughout EverWars including being active in the game throughout the day, defeating other players in battle, posting in the forums, recruiting other players and more.
What did my reputation decrease?
Your reputation fades over time and you must continue earning more reputation to maintain your rankings.
How do I earn experience?
You earn experience for accomplishing various tasks throughout EverWars including being active in the game throughout the day, defeating other players in battle, posting in the forums, recruiting other players and more.
How do I use the Shop?
Answer coming soon!
What does it mean 'The shops will be restocked in X minutes'?
Answer coming soon!
Is there more than one Shop I can go to?
Answer coming soon!
Can you filter items in the Shop?
Answer coming soon!
Help! I just bought X item and I did not want it. Can I sell it back to the Shop?
Answer coming soon!
What are Skills?
Answer coming soon!
How do I gain Skills?
You gain 4 skill points each time you gain a new level.
How do I spend Skills?
You spend skills points in the Skill Trainer.
What if I do not like where I put my Skill points?
Answer coming soon!
How does the Skill Bonus affect me?
Answer coming soon!
I put one point in Skill X but it will not let me add another point!
Answer coming soon!
What is the purpose of soldiers?
Soldiers add additional health in battles.
How do I use soldiers in battle?
When you attack another hero, you have the option of including soldiers in the attack on the confirmation page.
Why do I lose soldiers in battle?
You lose soldiers when you take more damage than your health. If you have 300 base health and take 200 soldiers with you into battle and win the battle but only have 50 health left at the end, then you lost 150 soldiers in the battle.
What happens when I lose a battle with soldiers?
If you lose a battle then any soldiers you included in the attack will also be lost.
How do I get new soldiers?
You can obtain more soldiers through the Free Loot system or hire them in the Platinum Shop.
What are EverWars Tokens?
EverWars Tokens allow you to claim rare item prizes.
How do I obtain EverWars Tokens?
You earn 1 EverWars Token every day for each recruit that is active and 1 EverWars Token every day that you are active in EverWars.
How many EverWars Tokens are required to claim my prize?
You must earn 100 EverWars Tokens in order to claim your prize.
Are there any limits on claiming prizes for my EverWars Tokens?
You can only claim one prize every 1 day and you cannot accrue more than 100 EverWars Tokens at any time.
What is the purpose of my bank?
Your bank provides a temporary holding area for your items until you decide if you want to bind them or sell them.
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